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COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan


Maximum Capacity 44 Guests 50%

Maintain 6 Foot Social Distancing

Customers must wait in vehicles for table if at capacity 

All employees are required to wear face coverings in dining area

Kitchen staff must wear face coverings and gloves when handling food product

No highchairs available to customers

Ketchup and mustard must be given in a ramekin no bottles no salt and pepper on table

No customers may sign receipts

Tables and menus must be sanitized between customers (peroxide spray and multi-quat wipes)

We will increase cleaning high-touch surfaces (door handles, menus, counter tops, tables, chairs, etc..)

Customers showing symptoms must be asked to leave (fever, atypical shortness of breath, atypical cough)

As an employer Christy Investments LLC will notify employees and Health Department if we learn of a individual (including employee, customer, or supplier) has visited the restaurant with confirmed COVID-19

We will close immediately if an employee shows symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, atypical shortness of breath, atypical cough) and perform a deep clean, consistent with guidance from the FDA and CDC

We must limit as much as possible the number of employees in shared spaces to maintain at least 6 foot distancing

Employee Symptom Protocol

STEP ONE- employees must notify a manager immediately if they are developing any symptoms

(fever, atypical shortness of breath, atypical cough)

STEP TWO- contact local health department

STEP THREE- contact any co-workers, contractors, or suppliers who may have come into contact

STEP FOUR- deep clean the restaurant consistent with guidelines from the FDA and CDC

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